Stoneway Capital and Osborn Companies invest in visionary entrepreneurs who think big, move fast, and who are building category defining technology companies or consumer product brands. Founded by Warren Osborn, a serial entrepreneur who has built numerous of his own companies, the firm also provides entrepreneurs with insights in innovation, product design and development, supply chain management, market intelligence, business development, marketing, and brand building strategies – in addition to capital.

We are first entrepreneurs like you. We too had an idea, dreamed of changing the world, innovated, pivoted, and executed the vision into successful companies – our own startups’ products have penetrated nearly all American households. We know how to scale companies nationally and globally.


Focus, Innovation, and Differentiation

We believe in innovative ideas, but we partner with powerful entrepreneurs who are driven to be the worlds’ best in what they do. We believe that visionary and driven entrepreneurs can overtake the giants by focusing and by rapidly innovating and executing.



We invest in category leading technology and consumer products businesses, and bring deep entrepreneurial and operational expertise to entrepreneurs we partner with.

We’ve worked directly with all types of retailers and navigated the challenges of global distribution. We have operated our own factories as well as managed outsourced manufacturing. And we have produced and sold hundreds of millions of units to happy customers and know how to build on a global scale – on time, with high quality, and cost effectively.

We are first entrepreneurs, then investors – empowered with unique perspective and experience, which we eagerly apply to the businesses we invest in.


Criteria / Stage

We focus primarily on Series A investments, but also partner with dynamic and experienced founders in seed rounds as well as later growth funding. We typically follow on with future capital needs and work with entrepreneurs through to exit.